Turnaround or growth, it's getting your people focused on the goal that is still the job of leadership.” - Anne M. Mulcahy, Former Chairperson and CEO Xerox Corporation


Kelly Pierduta

"I’d like to thank Glenn and his team for the training and support I have received through ActionCOACH. The 30X program has not only changed my business mindset but my personal one too. It recognises the importance of setting goals in both areas and achieving a balance between the two. It teaches you a new mindset, you learn methods and processes to ensure that everything in your business that needs to be done, still gets done, but in a way that maximises productivity and ensures you get the best from not only yourself but from your team too. If you are thinking ‘I just don’t have time to do this course’ then this is the exact course you need in your life."

- Kelly


"My business was going OK, I had the ideas but I did not have a business background to make it work at its full potential. I felt I needed to grow before my business could. I started working with Stephen from ActionCOACH, virtually as the country plunged into the first lockdown, back in April 2020. As a coach he has been great for me on two levels, both professionally and personally. From a professional point of view he offered structured coaching that dealt with the whole myriad of business operations. He constantly challenged the status quo and really got me thinking about the operations of my business. Areas that once terrified me, such as marketing and business finances are now areas where my business is going from strength to strength. I have streamlined my operations and have really been able to focus on my USP, business planning and my overall vision. The blended approach with 1-2-1 sessions and group sessions has worked well for me. It has been particularly good working with like minded business owners and Stephen during this tricky time, not only to share ideas and discuss problems, but to also see some friendly faces. I believe Stephen's friendly and methodical approach gets the best out of a business owner. Stephen is also a qualified mental health first aider, which has also helped me on a personal level through a particularly rough time. I would recommend Stephen and the other guys at ActionCOACH without reservation."

- Jason

Helen Philips

"At the start of my lockdown I received a message from Tom offering me free coaching sessions to get me back on my feet. I've always been reluctant to utilise a coach because in my mind, "what can this person tell me about me and my business which I don't already know". Well, as Tom told me himself, nothing. But then again, that's not what a coach is there to do... who knew?

Tom hasn't told me anything which I don't know. He has guided me to see where issues lie which I had not previously realised were there. He hasn't told me what to do with my business. He has let me sound out ideas and gently guided me toward a path which is now working for me. This approach means that I come away from our sessions feeling like everything was my own idea, when actually, that may not be strictly true (but thank you for letting me feel this way).

By the end of my free sessions I felt a real shift in my mindset and signed up with ActionCOACH on a monthly retention and I utilise the services at least twice a week. Tom isn't only available to support me during ActionCOACH times, he is available to bounce ideas off at any time and can be counted on to give me honest feedback. Sometimes I need a gentle nudge in the right direction, sometimes I need huge push, but either way Tom is there to do it and I have appreciated having him in my corner for the past few months"

- Helen


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